KarmSolar is a solar technology and integration company that delivers innovative solar solutions to the agricultural, industrial, tourism and business sectors. Since its founding in 2011, KarmSolar has been Egypt’s largest private off-grid solar energy integrator, with exceptional experience in developing its award winning high-capacity solar pumping stations, including the region’s largest off-grid Hybrid Pumping & Irrigation System (147 kW). KarmSolar also offers MW-scale off-grid solar energy stations and grid-connected utility-scale installations. Committed to R&D and innovation, our goal is to commercialise sustainability, enabling businesses to gain from an increase in productivity whilst benefiting from, and protecting, the environment.

Meaning “a fruitful vine” in Arabic, the name for the company was inspired by the Karm Eco Lodge, a nature preserve in South Sinai and represents our commitment to sustainability.

KarmBuild, a subsidiary of KarmSolar, is an architectural design & build firm with a focus on energy efficient and environmentally sustainable building designs. KarmBuild is the only company in Egypt to integrate solar energy technology into a building’s design and our architects work with a wide range of materials and construction methods. In addition, KarmBuild develops master planning packages and provides EPC services for large scale solar installations.

KarmBuild projects provide long-term energy savings and are ideally suited to off-grid environments and target the needs of the agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors; a flexible design approach allows us to deliver functional buildings such as workers villages but also high-end eco-communities and resorts.

Research & Development

We recognise that for an innovation to make a positive impact, it must be directly applicable to targeted users. KarmSolar’s operations span solar integration, software and hardware development and sustainable construction, bringing together a broad range of engineering, talent and knowledge that we challenge to overcome the agricultural, tourism and industrial sectors’ biggest energy hurdles.
Specialising in the development of off-grid solar technologies, our Research & Development (R&D) Lab, based in the Western Desert’s Bahareya Oasis, is strategically located to effectively engage with off-grid businesses and communities. KarmSolar’s patent-pending software and hardware are specifically designed to make solar energy solutions commercially viable and cheaper than off-grid diesel-run systems.
KarmSolar won the HTC-Wharton Innovation Award in 2012 for efforts in the development of our flagship product, Solar Water Pumping Solution (Variable Speed Drive).
First implemented on a large commercial farm in 2013, this was the first system of its kind in the Arab region. Two subsequent years of development has resulted in not just a reduction of the system’s cost but also the boosting of its efficiency and performance with additional in-house developed proprietary hardware (Drive Controllers) and software (MPPT and the Solar Management Interface).
In 2015, KarmSolar launched a new innovative product; the Hybrid Pumping & Irrigation Solution, enabling the direct pumping of water into fixed irrigation networks. This product is designed to address the needs of agri-businesses that do not require water storage facilities for their operations.
R&D is a backbone to KarmSolar’s operations and our Innovation Engineers are pioneering new technologies that will ensure solar energy’s domination of the energy market in Egypt and beyond.

International Certifications and Partnerships

KarmSolar’s solutions are designed to operate in the harsh environments of Egypt’s off-grid locations. As these systems are built to last for 25 years the quality of the components and the execution of the projects is essential. KarmSolar has been awarded the following certifications, demonstrating our guarantee of quality and commitment to our clients, the environment and our employees;