KarmBuild | Architecture & Construction


  • Solar-Integrated Building Projects
  • Architectural Designs
  • Master Planning
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC for MW-scale solar installations)

About KarmBuild

KarmBuild is an architectural design & build firm with a focus on energy efficient and environmentally sustainable building designs. KarmBuild is the only company in Egypt to integrate solar energy technology into a building’s design and our architects work with a wide range of materials and construction methods. Our projects provide long-term energy savings, are ideally suited to off-grid environments and target the needs of the agricultural, industrial and tourism sectors; a flexible design approach allows us to deliver functional buildings such as workers villages but also highend eco-communities and resorts. In addition, KarmBuild develops master planning packages and provides EPC services for large scale solar installations.

The KarmBuild Design Philosophy

KarmBuild creates economic and environmentally-friendly building solutions by incorporating globalized aspects of architectural knowledge and best-practices into designs that target the end-users requirements while respecting the project’s local environment and conditions. All aspects of the design are considered according to this framework, resulting in harmonious building solutions from the general composition to the most intricate details.


To combine the client’s needs and the project’s surrounding environment with our research tools and design and construction experience to create energy-efficient design and building solutions.
Key aspects of KarmBuild Projects:

  • Targeting client needs
    Working closely with our clients to understand their project’s full functional, operational and cultural needs.
  • Working with the natural environment
    Using appropriate construction materials and methods which reduce energy and construction costs in both in the construction process and in operation. Using environmental optimizing techniques that enhance a building’s energy performance, such as climate-responsive passive-cooling, ventilation and thermal heating
  • Providing innovative energy saving and generation solutions
    Delivering the highest user benefit with the lowest possible energy footprint; significantly reducing energy costs and long-term project economics. By integrating renewable energy technology into the building design our projects are completely energy independent.

KarmBuild Projects Added Value

Through the use of sustainable and innovative architectural and solar building designs and infrastructure solutions, KarmBuild guarantees significant cost savings leading to environmental and investment gains.
Our clients can benefit from:

  • Long-term economic advantages over conventionally designed buildings
  • Being a green pioneer in your sector gaining green stamp recognition
  • Engaging with the area’s local culture, history and identity
  • Meeting Fair Trade health, safety, and housing standards
  • Owning building projects that fulfill the requirements of international certifications, such as the Global GAP Certification and LEED