KarmBuild Projects

KarmSolar Campus – Bahareya Oasis

KARMSOLAR CAMPUS (R&D) The KarmSolar Campus, an off-grid research and development laboratory and an operational base for our Western Desert operations.

  • Built with locally-sourced sandstone
  • Powered by 7.5kW solar array, 100%
    off-grid and diesel free.
Worker’s Village

The Workers Village is a fully-integrated facility that has a capacity of approximately 300 seasonal agricultural workers.

  • Includes a cafeteria, kitchens, mosque, communal
    area and bathroom facilities
  • Powered by 78.6kW of building-integrated solar
  • Cost-effective and healthy housing solution. Farm
    building designs can be adapted to meet a range of client requirements.
High end Ecolodge Project Design

A comprehensive design package was prepared for a highend coastal ecolodge that targets the diving tourism sector.
The master plan was for 95,000m2 and 100kW of solar capacity was incorporated into the design.

KarmBuild’s services allow our clients to cater to the increasing sectoral demand of more natural and sustainable settings.