Power Generation

1. Island Grid Fuel Saver (Off-Grid Solution)

System Description

The Island Grid Fuel Saver (+SMA Fuel Save Controller) allows the seamless integration of solar photovoltaics into diesel operated island grid systems. This system is ideally suited for off-grid agribusinesses, hotels and for large- scale industrial applications that rely on internal grid systems. The Hybrid Grid system is designed for large off-grid MW-scale installations and, through KarmSolar’s exclusive partnership with Solar SunBelt SMA GMBH, we incorporate the Fuel Save Controller which manages the need-based PV feed-in depending on the grid’s load and generation profiles. The SMA controller enables the high penetration of photovoltaic-generated power into the grid thereby reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. This potential can be boosted further with an integrated battery system.


  • SMA Fuel Save Controller
  • Scalable system to satisfy a range of loads
  • 25-yr system lifetime


  • Lower OPEX (diesel fuel savings)
  • Planning security (due to reduced price exposure risk of diesel fuel)
  • Reliable power supply
  • Optimization of generator loading due to the smart controller system
  • Lower environmental impact of grid operation by reducing CO2 emissions