KarmSolar and Partner Company, WorldWater & Solar Technologies, are proud to introduce the MENA region’s first battery free off-grid solar water pumping solution designed to operate motor pumps reaching up to 600 HP.  This patented solution is cost-competitive with diesel generators and is easy to use in energy constrained (off-grid) desert locations. The solar solution is custom designed to adapt to the power needs of submersible pumps and can be easily scaled up to meet changing energy demands; enabling the lifting of water at increasing depth­­­ levels.

Service Offering

  • The provision of fully integrated turnkey custom designed Solar Water Pumping Solutions.
  • Access to the Solar Management Interface (SMI), which is a data driven software, extending energy management services to the client enabling them to independently operate, manage and maintain the solar system.
  • KarmSolar to provide lifecycle support of the systems. This includes performance checks and maintenance training.

Main Features

  • Powers most motor pumps, such as Grundfos and Saer, with capacities reaching up to 600 HP.
  • Standalone & Hybrid feature: designed as a complete standalone solution relying only on solar energy; no diesel, no electric grid with the option to operate as hybrid solution complementing all other power sources via a switch button
  • 25-year system lifetime
  • Instantaneous solar energy management services and support through the Solar Management Interface (data driven software powered by KarmSolar)
  • Minimal maintenance needs
  • An environmentally friendly system that is noise and pollu­tion free